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  Drip Irrigation Online Drip System


1. We are manufacturing 4LPH, 8LPH, 16LPH Emitters with Bis standards      IS.13487:1992 CM/L - 6581581

2. We are manufacturing Poly Ethylene pipes for Irrigation Laterals      (LLDPE) with Bis standard IS: 12786:1989 CM/L - 6581682

3. We are supplying pressure compensating and non leakage Dripper that     maintains the flow emission constant during different pressures.      Dripper discharge rate 4LPH, 8LPH, 16LPH suitable for tree like crops      and

4. Roots Online Drip Irrigation is very effective for the row crops like      Banana, coconut, mango, all orchard crops, Sugarcane, Cotton Etc      Our drippers are highest functional efficiency and minimum      maintenance.

  Drip Irrigation Inline Drip System

We are supplying Drip this is tube with inbuilt drippers 12mm, 16mm with dripper spacing 25cm to 250cm and discharge 1.6 HP to 4 HP.

Inline is very effective for row crops like Sugarcane, Vegetables, Floriculture, medicinal plants.

Inline produces acontihious water strip which is widely suitable for all row crops

Components of Drip Irrigation

Sand Filters:

In Drip irrigation system drippers are drip tape tubes consisting of small holes are being used. If a foreign particle leaves, algae etc. coming with water are not filtered, they will clog the dripper and drip tape holes resulting in Obstructing the water supplying to the plants. To prevent this problem sand filter is connected with main line. Its stops Impurities and allows only clean water to go ahead in main line. Thus preventing the clogging of the system. 


Screen Filter:


While majority of Impurities are filtered by sand filter, minute sand particles and other small impurities pass through sand filler. They are filtered by Screen Filter, containing screen strainer which filters physical impurities and allow only clean water to enter into the system.

Pressure Gauge:

     Maintaining the normal operating pressure in the system is essential to ensure uniformity of Irrigation. Pressure gauge is provided at filtration unit of Roots Drip Irrigation system to indicate the pressure.

     Specially developed three way valve arrangement is used to measure the pressure (Inlet and Outlet) and the gauge is protected against jerks, pressure surge and vibrations.  

Ventury/ Fertiliser tank/Fertigation pump:

With the help of equipments liquid / water soluble fertilizers can be given into the Roots Zone directly by injecting the solution with irrigation water. This result in the full development of Roots and Crop & prevents wastage of costly fertilizers. These are also used in acid treatment and chlorination to clean the drip system and to apply other chemicals.


Roots Drip System is provided with different types of valves. To control the water pressure by pass valve is provided before filter. Gate valve is provided to create the pressure difference for the Chemigation and fertigation. At the inlet of Sub main, control valve(Bail valve) is provided and at the end of Sub main, a flush valve is fitted to facilitate regular cleaning of main and sub main. Air release valve is installed at the highest point on the main line to release the entrapped air during start of system and to break the vacuum during shut off. It is also provided at the inlet of Drip Tape sub main.

Main Line:

This is PVC/POLYETHYLENE pipeline used to carry water from water source of sub main. Fitter is attached with this pipe so as to provide filtered water to sub main.

Sun main Line:

      A sub main is also a PVC/POLYETHYLENE pipeline that supplies water to the laterals on one or both sides of hit. Sub mains are vuried at 1-1/2 feet in the soil enable cultivation operations in the field.

       Sub mains are provided with ball valves so as to maintain require pressure and flow in the pipe. At its Tail end, Flush valve is provided for cleaning of main and sub mains.

Poly Fittings:

These fittings are used for installing the lateral on sub main, connecting the laterals and interconnection between laterals and tape or turbo line, Tee, Elbow, Joiner, Adapter, Take off end plug & end stops are available in 4-16 mm size.


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